Hockey: COLT Hockey 🍁

Name: COLT Hockey

Products: Hockey sticks

Manufactured In: Mississauga, Ontario

Where to buy: Online and select dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Composite hockey sticks – expensive, break easily, best performance. All made outside of Canada. Enter COLT Hockey – sticks made in Canada, coated with a nickel-cobalt alloy, making them able to withstand 400 pounds of pressure compared to 260 pounds for a typical stick – all at a comparable price. If you’re in the market for a new stick, you should definitely look at COLT.

Hockey: Passau Hockey 🍁

Name: Passau Hockey

Products: Custom and stock hockey goaltender equipment

Manufactured In: Chambly, Quebec

Where to buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Alain Beaudry founded Passau Hockey more than 30 years ago, drawing on his experience with the Montreal Canadiens (boo) where he adjusted and repaired goaltender equipment. Now run by his son, Hugo, Passau makes custom goaltender equipment and also offers a more cost-effective, stock built line for lower-level players aka the beer league types.

Their equipment is highly customizable to ensure the perfect fit for custom orders, and made by hand in Chambly.

Sports Equipment: Boddam 🍁

Name: Boddam

Products: Hockey and lacrosse goaltender equipment (custom products available)

Manufactured in: Alton, Ontario

Where to buy: Network of dealers


Canadian owned: Yes

Boddam has been making high-quality custom goalie gear since 1987. Do a bit of research online and you’ll find people singing the praises of their quality and pricing. Though they don’t have the resources to compete with the multinationals on marketing, they make up for it with quality. Considering the kind of investment you’re looking at when it comes to buying a set of goalie gear, take the time to look beyond the Bauers and CCMs of the world.

Sports Equipment: McKenney Custom Sports 🍁

Name: McKenney Custom Sports

Products:  Custom hockey and lacrosse goaltender equipment, hockey pants

Manufactured in: Scarborough, Ontario

Where to Buy: A network of authorized dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

The sad truth is that there is very little hockey equipment made in Canada. McKenney is one of the exceptions – not only do they make quality, affordable equipment, it’s all made in Canada. You may not have heard of them because they don’t pay for pro endorsements or to get their equipment licensed for the NHL – but check them out if you’re outfitting a goalie.