Web Hosting: Islandhosting 🍁

Name: Islandhosting

Products: Website hosting

Headquartered In: Victoria, BC

Where to Buy: Company website

Website: Islandhosting.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

This company has been around since 1992, when they were providing dial-up internet access. Islandhosting is a natural extension of their history, where they continue to offer great service to their customers.

The link above is an affiliate link.

Web Hosting: Picasso Fish 🍁

Name: Picasso Fish

Products: Web Hosting

Headquartered In: Simcoe, Ontario

Where to Buy:Β Company website

Website:Β picassofish.net

Canadian Owned: Yes

Picasso Fish Website & Email Hosting and Domain services are optimized for small businesses wanting a great web presence, as well as the marketing agencies that serve them. Whether you need an easy and reliable place to host your website and emails, or need to register or transfer a domain, you’re in good hands at Picasso Fish.

Web Hosting: Web Hosting Canada 🍁

Name: Web Hosting Canada

Products:Β Guess (Web hosting!)

Located in:Β Montreal, Quebec

Website:Β whc.caΒ (affiliate link)

Canadian owned:Β Yes

WHC has been in operation since 2003 and locates their servers on the east and west coasts of Canada, meaning you don’t need to worry about the Patriot Act like you do when hosting in the US. Special bonus – their pricing is very competitive with the best US providers – so why not support a Canadian company? WHC is the company we use to host this site.