Commercial/Industrial: AGAT Laboratories 🍁

Name: AGAT Laboratories

Products: Testing services

Headquartered In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to buy: Locations across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

AGAT specializes in several types of lab testing. Though much of their market is small through large corporations, some of the testing (e.g. water quality) is procured by consumers. Their list of services:

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Ultra-trace and Toxicology
  • Agricultural Analysis
  • Food Testing
  • Geology and Petrology
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Petroleum Testing Services
  • Oilsands Analysis
  • Routine Core
  • Mining Geochemistry
  • Lubricants Testing Services

Miscellaneous: Centaur Floor Machines 🍁

Name: Centaur Floor Machines

Products: Vacuum cleaners, floor machines

Manufactured In: Markham, Ontario

Where to Buy: Various dealers and distributors nationally


Canadian Owned: Yes

Centaur produces reliable, high-quality floor machines for the commercial janitorial industry. From vacuums to floor buffers, they have a wide variety of high-performance products available. 90% of the components and materials they use in manufacturing are sourced locally, though the electric motors are sourced from the U.S. as nobody makes them in Canada.