Office Furniture: Chairs Limited ๐Ÿ

Name: Chairs Limited

Products: Ergonomic office chairs

Manufactured In: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Canadian Owned: Yes

Inย business since 1989, and run by owner Joan Downing for all of that time, Chairs Limited is the only office chair manufacturer in Atlantic Canada. As well as serving corporate clients, Chairs Limited does custom work with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Veterans Affairs for individual clients (longer seat/shorter seat, etc…).

They use Canadian parts only.

Office Furniture: Natalex Manufacturing ๐Ÿ

Name: Natalex Manufacturing Limited

Products: Office furniture

Manufactured In: Cambridge, Ontario

Where to Buy: Website, dealers (list does not appear to be available)


Canadian Owned: Yes

Though the information on their website is not bountiful, Natalex has been building office furniture in Cambridge for over 40 years. Contact information is listed on their website for ordering, and it appears that there are dealers selling their furniture as well, per a Google search.

Office Furniture: MityBilt ๐Ÿ

Name: MityBilt

Products: Educational Furniture,ย  Collaborative Furniture, Ergo-Dynamic Furniture, Smart Furniture, Modular Furniture

Manufactured In: Stonewall, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Dealers across North America


Canadian Owned: Yes

MityBilt is a Canadian school and office furniture manufacturer with over 25 years of experience. They manufacture their products right in Stonewall, and source all of their raw materials in Canada. They are Canadian-owned, and given that I see 7 Bradfords on the “Meet the MityBilt Team” page, I suspect it’s owned by the Bradfords!