Food: Weston Foods 📈

Name: Weston Foods

Products: A lot. See below.

Manufactured In: 35 facilities across Canada

Where to buy: Basically every grocery store


Canadian Owned: Owned by publicly-traded George Weston Limited, which is controlled by the Canadian Weston family – so… Yes

Weston Foods makes food under a whack of different brands:

  • Wonder
  • D’Italiano
  • Country Harvest
  • Gadoua
  • Weston
  • Ready Bake Foods
  • ACE Bakery
  • Colonial Cookies

And, they are of course related to sister companies in the Weston empire – Loblaw and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Snacks: Dare Foods 🍁

Name: Dare Foods

Products: Crackers, cookies, bread, candy

Manufactured In: Several factories in the US and Canada  (Milton, ON, and North York, ON as well as other locations)

Where to buy: Retailers around the world


Canadian Owned: Yes

Now operating for nearly 100 years, Dare Foods is a manufacturer of some very popular brands of cookies, crackers, and candy. They are best known for their Bear Paws, Viva Puffs, Wagon Wheels, and Maple Leaf Cremé cookies.

Bread and Confections: Canada Bread 📈

Name: Canada Bread

Products: Various bread products and pastries

Manufactured In: Across Canada


Canadian Owned: No

Canada Bread is a producer and distributor of bread and bakery products through Canada. They’re owned by the Mexican company Grupo Bimbo, and according to Wikipedia, operate 17 bakeries and employ about 4,000 Canadians.  They own several brands of bread and confectionery products.

  • Villaggio
  • Stonemill
  • Pom
  • Dempster’s
  • Bon Matin
  • Vachon
  • Ben’s

Vachon is known for being the brand containing classic Candian snacks such as the Jos Louis, the May West, the Ah Caramel!, and the  ½ Moon, more commonly known as the ½ Lune Moon due to their packaging. While they’re not owned by a Canadian company, they also aren’t American, and they employ many Canadians.