Bed Linens: Au Lit Fine Linens 🍁

Name: Au Lit Fine Linens

Products: Bedding, pillows, duvets, bathroom accessories, loungewear

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario and Europe

Where to Buy: Toronto store and company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Au Lit Fine Lines has a bold purpose: “We change the way people sleep & improve the quality of their lives.” They do this by manufacturing top quality pillows and duvets in Toronto.

Bed Linens: Cuddle Down 🍁

Name: Cuddle Down

Products: Down pillows and duvets, bedding, blankets and feather beds

Manufactured In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and in stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 1975, Cuddle Down imports fabrics from Israel, Italy, France, Czech Republic and other countries, and cut and sew all their linens in their Ottawa factory.

Bed Linens: St Genève 🍁

Name: St Genève

Products: Luxury bed linens, sleepwear, pillows, blankets, duvets

Manufactured In: Richmond, BC (majority)

Where to Buy: Stores and online


Canadian Owned: Yes

St Genève sources luxury fabrics from around the world to make high-quality bed linens and a variety of other quality products for your home.

They are clear on their website as to the source of the fabrics, and also when items are manufactured elsewhere – for example, their Abyss line of robes is made in Portugal, while some pillows are made in Lithuania.