Restaurants: Cora 🍁

Name: Chez Cora

Products: Breakfast & lunch

Headquartered In: Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec

Where to Buy: 130 restaurants across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

From a snack counter in Montreal in 1987 to 130 locations across Canada, Cora is a Canadian success story. Founded by Cora Tsouflidou, the company is now run by her son, Nicholas.

Restaurants: SIR Corp 🍁

Name: SIR Corp

Products: Restaurants

Headquartered In: Burlington, ON


Canadian Owned: Yes

SIR Corp runs 60 restaurants across Canada and the USA (there’s one location in Buffalo) under the following brands:

  • Jack Astor’s
  • Canyon Creek
  • SCADDABUSH Italian Kitchen & Bar
  • Reds Wine Tavern
  • Reds Midtown Tavern
  • The Loose Moose
  • The Antler Bar
  • Duke’s Refresher + Bar
  • Abbey’s Bakehouse

Restaurants: Panago 🍁

Name: Panago Pizza

Products: Pizza, wings, salads

Headquartered In: Abbotsford, BC

Where to Buy: 200 restaurants throughout BC, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Newfoundland


Canadian Owned: Yes

Takeout/delivery pizza place, founded in Abbotsford BC, and is a Canadian owned and operated chain. They offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Restaurants: Topper’s Pizza 🍁

Name: Topper’s Pizza

Products: Pizza and other take-out items

Headquartered In: Barrie, Ontario

Where to Buy: 35 franchises in Ontario


Canadian Owned: Yes

If you’re paying attention, you might have noticed that there’s a lot of pizza chains in Ontario. Topper’s started as a family business in Sudbury, Ontario, and now has franchises throughout Ontario.

Restaurants: Pizza Pizza 🍁

Name: Pizza Pizza

Products: Pizza, pasta, fries, etc

Headquartered In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to buy: Throughout eastern Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Pizza Pizza is ubiquitous throughout Ontario and is an expanding presence in the rest of Eastern Canada. They also own Pizza 73, which has many restaurants in Western Canada. Pizza Pizza pioneered the use of a consistent phone number in their markets, -1111.

Restaurants: Mr. Mikes SteakhouseCasual 🍁

Name: Mr Mikes SteakhouseCasual

Products: Restaurant chain

Headquartered In: Burnaby, BC

Where to Buy: Locations across Western Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Mr. Mikes is a company based in Canada which opened its first location in BC in 1960 and has been serving steaks and burgers to Canadians since then. The Mr. Mikes brand once numbered 89 restaurants across the west before shrinking and being reborn as Mr. Mikes SteakhouseCasual. They are growing rapidly in the west with eyes on Eastern Canada (they have one location in Ontario). They source and serve AAA Canadian beef in their restaurants.

Restaurants: Pizzaville 🍁

Name: Pizzavile

Products: Pizza, panzerotti, chicken

Headquartered In: Woodbridge, Ontario

Where to buy: 79 franchises in Ontario


Canadian Owned: Yes

From its beginnings in 1963, Pizzaville has grown to 79 restaurants in Ontario with more planned. If you have ever lived in Ontario, you’ve probably heard their infamous commercials that begin with “It was a rainy day in Pizzaville…”. Their niche, as they claim, is using higher quality ingredients than the competition.

Restaurants: Obsidian Group 🍁

Name: Obsidian Group

Products: Restaurants

Headquartered In: Mississauga, Ontario


Canadian Owned: Yes

Obsidian Group operates 4 different restaurant chains, primarily in Ontario:

  • Crabby Joe’s Bar & Grill
  • Coffee Culture Cafe and Eatery
  • Union Burger
  • Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill


Restaurants: Mezza Lebanese Kitchen 🍁

Name: Mezza Lebanese Kitchen

Products:  Lebanese fast food restaurants

Headquarters: Halifax, NS

Where to buy: Nova Scotia, but they are franchising in New Brunswick and PEI


Canadian owned: Yes

Mezza restaurants have been providing a fast, healthy, and affordable Lebanese experience for its customers for the past 25 years. They source as much as they can locally and prepare their food and sauces in-house.

Restaurants: Pita Pit 🍁

Name: Pita Pit

Product: Fast food chain serving pitas

Headquarters: Kingston, Ontario


Canadian owned: Yes

Pita Pit started in 1995 with a single store serving hungry students from Queen’s University. 23 years later, there are 650 stores across the world, part of this Canadian franchise success story.