Online Stores: terra20 🍁

Name: terra20

Products: Wide variety of sustainable goods

Manufactured In: Various

Where to buy: Online, 2 stores in Ottawa


Canadian Owned: Yes

Diligence and transparency are the pillars of terra20’s product curation. They constantly seek out sustainable, environmentally conscious products, and learn about their origins – who makes them, how they are made, and what ingredients and materials are used. All – not just some – of their products are cruelty-free and free of harmful chemicals, while responsibly sourced from ethical brand partners. You can find the specific made in Canada products they carry here:

Online Stores: Stacks Worldwide 🍁

Name: Stacks Worldwide

Products: Independent films

Headquartered In: Canada

Where to Buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes is a Canadian owned and operated movie network that helps independent artists share their films worldwide.

Online Stores: FoodiePages 🍁

Name: FoodiePages

Products: Craft food & drink

Manufactured In: Across Canada

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

FoodiePages curates craft food & drink made in Canada, helping you discover and support the country’s most exciting independent makers.

Online Stores: Botanus 🍁

Name: Botanus

Products: Canada’s top catalogue & online supplier of high quality horticultural products

Headquartered In: Langley, BC

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Starting out 18 years ago as a mail-order business, Botanus is now your Canadian online source for horticultural products.

Online Stores: Pamper The Moose 🍁

Name: Pamper The Moose

Products: Home decor, bags, purses, wood trays, bird houses, accent cushions

Manufactured In: Canada

Where to Buy: Pamper the Moose


Canadian Owned: Yes

An online store featuring only Canadian-made goods. As a bonus, powered by Canadian-made software Shopify!

Online Stores: LocalBoom 🍁

Name: LocalBoom

Products: Online store featuring mainly made in Canada products


Canadian owned: Yes

LocalBoom started in 2017 as a platform to connect Canadian brands to Canadian consumers. LocalBoom also actively donates into communities across the country. Note that not all brands are made in Canada (such as Sock N Sack underwear) but LocalBoom is supportive of their ethos and thus places them on the site.

Online Stores: Crafted Canada 🍁

Name: Crafted Canada

Products: Various

Manufactured In: Across Canada

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Crafted Canada is a website that showcases locally made Canadian products. They carry a variety of different products, all of which are 100% Canadian. Check them out at the link above for more information on what they sell.