Let's Review the Best Coffee Makers for Canada
Melissa Haynes

10 Best Coffee Makers in Canada for Brewing the Perfect Cup

It can be tempting to get your favourite coffee on the way to work each

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Kitchen: Bow Valley Straws 🍁

Name: Bow Valley Straws

Products: Reusable borosilicate glass drinking straws & handmade upcycled straw cases

Manufactured In: Canmore, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and some shops in western Canada


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Cookware: Meyer

Name: Meyer

Products: Cookware – pots, pans, frying pans

Manufactured In: Charlottetown, PEI (see below)

Where to buy: Retailers everywhere

Website:  Meyer Canada

Canadian Owned: No

When Canadian Tire purchased the Paderno …

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Kitchen: OSOhome 🍁

Name: OSOhome

Products: Personalized cutting boards

Manufactured In: Fort Erie, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online

Website: osohome.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

OSOhome is a Canadian company based in Fort Erie, Ontario. …

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