Tea: Westholme 🍁

Name: Westholme Tea

Products: Tea, ceramic teaware

Manufactured In: Westholme, BC

Where to buy: Online, cafes, and various retailers

Website: westholmetea.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Westholme was started by Margit and Victor. The company imports pure organic loose-leaf teas and herbs and blends artisanal organic teas and tisanes. In addition, Westholme also grows and makes rare Canadian terroir tea. The pure teas Westholme imports are the finest they can find always organic certified wherever possible. Any non-organic teas by Westholme are clearly labeled as such.

Westholme first started to experiment with Canadian-grown tea in 2010 when they planted Camellia sinensis seedlings at their farm. They added more plants in 2014 and again in 2015. The company is the first in Canada to produce single-origin, hand-processed Canadian terroir teas.