Jewellery: Pyrrha 🍁

Name: Pyrrha

Products: Sustainable talismans, rings, earrings, and lockets

Manufactured In: Vancouver, British Columbia


Where to Buy: Pyrrha showroom in Vancouver, online

Canadian Owned: Yes

Pyrrha’s mission is …

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Jewellery: Touchstone Mala Design 🍁

Name: Touchstone Mala Design

Products: Yoga and meditation jewellery

Manufactured In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to Buy: No longer available

Website: – no longer active

Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately …

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Jewellery: Daniel Christian Tang 🍁

Name: Daniel Christian Tang

Products: Jewellery

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Not currently available

Website: – not active

Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Daniel Christian Tang …

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