Instruments: Jillard Guitars 🍁

Name: Jillard Guitars

Products: Guitars

Manufactured In: Hamilton, Ontario

Where to Buy: No longer available

Website: – no longer active

Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Jillard Guitars is no …

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B2B: Syfilco Ltd. 🍁

Name: Syfilco Ltd.

Products: Drainage Filter, Bale Net Wrap, Trellis Netting, Bird Netting

Manufactured In: Exeter, Ontario

Where to Buy: Contact them online for your local dealer



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Miscellaneous: Seagull Pewter 🍁

Name: Seagull Pewter

Products: Giftware: jewellery, picture frames, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, and many, many more items

Manufactured In: Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online and various stores across Canada…

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