Miscellaneous: CUCU Covers 🍁

Name: CUCU Covers

Products: Customizable skins for your bank cards, gift cards, and transit pass

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website

Website: cucucovers.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Perhaps the ultimate “I don’t know how to categorize this” product. CUCU makes covers for your various cards that allow you to make them a bit more interesting. You can even make custom covers, if you really want a picture of your kids on your Presto pass.

Miscellaneous: Raven Reads 🍁

Name: Raven Reads

Products: Subscription box service

Manufactured In: Various

Where to Buy: Online

Website: ravenreads.org

Canadian Owned: Yes

A seasonal subscription service that sends out beautifully curated boxes of Indigenous literature and giftware, in honour of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action. Raven Reads aims to inspire and create safe space for dialogue by expanding our understanding and perspectives of the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people around the world, through the written word, from the past and into the present.

There are various payment and subscription options and you can purchase past boxes. Each box contains a novel by an Indigenous writer and a variety of food or gift items curated from Indigenous companies.

Online Stores: terra20 🍁

Name: terra20

Products: Wide variety of sustainable goods

Manufactured In: Various

Where to buy: Online, 2 stores in Ottawa

Website: terra20.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Diligence and transparency are the pillars of terra20’s product curation. They constantly seek out sustainable, environmentally conscious products, and learn about their origins – who makes them, how they are made, and what ingredients and materials are used. All – not just some – of their products are cruelty-free and free of harmful chemicals, while responsibly sourced from ethical brand partners. You can find the specific made in Canada products they carry here: https://terra20.com/collections/ethics-made-in-canada?constraint=eth-made-in-canada

Miscellaneous: ArtFORMS 🍁

Name: ArtFORMS

Products: Architectural concrete bases

Manufactured In: Uxbridge, Ontario

Where to Buy: Contact company directly

Website: artformsconcretebases.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Uxbridge! Hometown represent! ArtFORMS makes concrete forms that turn the standard, boring cylindrical bases of outdoor light posts into architecturally pleasing bases.

B2B: RefundPros 🍁

Name: RefundPros

Products: Automatic recovery of late shipment refunds from the national carriers including Canada Post, Purolator FedEx and UPS

Headquartered In: West Kelowna, BC

Where to Buy: Online in Canada

Website: refundpros.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

If you’re a Canadian company shipping your products through FedEx, UPS, Canada Post or Purolator, you should check this service out. They will automatically get you refunds for late shipments (of course, taking a cut), saving you money and time.

Their competitors in the industry are American, so check these guys out!

B2B: Universal Soap Inc. 🍁

Name: Universal Soap Inc.

Products: Vegetable base soap bars

Manufactured In: Elora, Ontario

Where to Buy: Contact them

Website: universalsoap.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Universal Soap is a small Canadian owned and operated manufacturer. They do not sell directly to retail, only to distributors – specializing in private label manufacturing. All of their soaps are vegetable based, and most of them are vegan friendly.

Instruments: Windward Flutes 🍁

Name: Windward Flutes Ltd

Products: High-end taper-bore wooden flutes

Manufactured In: Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Details here

Website: windwardflutes.com

Canadian Owned: Yes (Probably)

Windward Flutes started in 2001 as a small company repairing conical bore simple system wooden flutes. Forbes and Yola Christie moved operations to Nova Scotia in 2004, built a new flutemaking workshop and began developing the finely crafted Irish flutes that Windward makes today for musicians worldwide.

Together they design and manufacture their own flutes. Forbes does the machining, makes jigs and tools and carves the embouchures; Yola executes keywork and finish, makes the flute blanks, and runs production.

The aim of the company is to develop and produce consistently excellent taper-bore wooden flutes to modern tuning and in various pitches.

Online Stores: Stacks Worldwide 🍁

Name: Stacks Worldwide

Products: Independent films

Headquartered In: Canada

Where to Buy: Company website

Website: Stackstv.xyz

Canadian Owned: Yes

StacksTV.xyz is a Canadian owned and operated movie network that helps independent artists share their films worldwide.

Miscellaneous: Friesens Corporation 🍁

Name: Friesens Corporation

Products: Books, yearbooks, mobile app & grad supplies

Manufactured In: Altona, Manitoba

Where to Buy: North America

Website: friesens.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

An employee-owned company, Friesens produces high-quality print products for large and small publishing houses, independent publishers, Universities, Art Galleries, Museums and many others throughout Canada, United States, and beyond.

Friesens specializes in high quality colour, duotone, one-colour, and multi-colour printing using web offset, sheetfed offset, and digital equipment. They can handle short-run work starting at 250 books all the way through to hundreds of thousands of books.

Greeting Cards: DonaBona Cards 🍁

Name: DonaBona Cards

Products: Greeting cards

Manufactured In: Edmonton, Alberta

Where to buy: Company website or various outlets

Website: donabonacards.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Founder and designer Sharon Krushel designs greeting cards that feature and promote Canadian artists and photographers.  The cards are designed in Peace River, Alberta, and they are printed in Edmonton.