Women’s Clothing: Perlae Couture 🍁

Name: Perlae Couture

Products: Women’s clothing

Manufactured In: Sydney, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online

Website: perlaecouture.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Perlae Couture is a family-owned and operated luxury fashion label made in Nova Scotia. They are very passionate about providing fashion for all women and have sections on their website dedicated to cancer survivors.

B2B: Syfilco Ltd. 🍁

Name: Syfilco Ltd.

Products: Drainage Filter, Bale Net Wrap, Trellis Netting, Bird Netting

Manufactured In: Exeter, Ontario

Where to Buy: Contact them online for your local dealer

Website: syfilco.on.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Syfilco Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated business that has manufactured industrial knitted fabrics and netting products for over 40 years. Their ability to customize designs of knitted products and adapt to current technologies has allowed them to diversify into a variety of textile markets all over the world.

B2B/Cleaning: Safeblend 🍁

Name: Safeblend

Products: Cleaning product assortment includes floor care, cleaners and degreasers, disinfectants and sanitizers, bathroom cleaners, odour control, window cleaners, carpet care, hand soaps, laundry detergents and a complete line for foodservice.

Manufactured In: Anjou, Quebec

Where to Buy: Costco, distributors?

Website: safeblend.com

Canadian Owned: Yes?

Safeblend is produced by Chemotec PM Inc., a Quebec-based company manufacturing advanced cleaning solutions that are safe for people and for our planet. They have been around since 1955, primarily targeting commercial and foodservice customers.

Greeting Cards: Tree-Free Greetings Canada 🍁

Name: Tree-Free Greetings Canada

Products: Greeting cards

Manufactured In: Oshawa, Ontario (?)

Where to Buy: 1,600 retailers across Canada

Website: tree-free.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Tree-Free Greetings is a subsidiary of MapArt publishing, 100% Canadian owned and operated.  All cards are printed in Canada and the company is always interested in licensing art from Canadian artisans and photographers.

Miscellaneous: Seagull Pewter 🍁

Name: Seagull Pewter

Products: Giftware: jewellery, picture frames, book marks, Christmas ornaments, and many, many more items

Manufactured In: Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online and various stores across Canada

Website: seagullpewter.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Seagull Pewter products are created, designed and handcrafted in the tiny fishing village of Pugwash on Nova Scotia’s northern shore. Pewter is an alloy metal made of at least 92% tin. Seagull Pewter exceeds the minimum tin content, which makes for a better quality pewter.

Reno/Builders/B2B: Flexmaster Canada 🍁

Name: Flexmaster Canada Inc

Products: Commercial HVAC and residential and commercial venting

Manufactured In: Richmond Hill and Etobicoke, Ontario (also BC, Alberta and Quebec)

Where to Buy: Plumbing/heating wholesalers

Website: flexmaster.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Flexmaster is part of the NovaFlex Group, which also has facilities in the USA and UK through acquisitions they’ve made. However, they’re a privately-owned Canadian company!

Car Rental: Driving Force 🍁

Name: Driving Force

Products: Vehicle rental

Headquartered In: Edmonton, Alberta

Where to Buy: 29 locations across Canada, in 5 provinces and 3 territories

Website: drivingforce.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Driving Force provides an alternative to the big chain rental companies, and has some unique options you won’t find elsewhere.

Art: Northern Images 🍁

Name: Northern Images

Products: Inuit art

Created In: Nunavut and NWT (mostly)

Where to Buy: Online & their gallery in Yellowknife, NWT

Website: northernimages.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Northern Images is a retail and marketing partner to Arctic Co-operatives Limited, a service organization owned and controlled by 32 community-based, multi-purpose co-operatives in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon, dedicated to providing services and business development opportunities to communities throughout Canada’s north.

Miscellaneous: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Name: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Products: Junk removal service

Headquartered In: Vancouver, BC

Where to buy: Local franchisees

Website: 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Canadian Owned: Unclear

1-800-GOT-JUNK? was started in Vancouver, BC by American-born Brian Scudamore. Scudamore has been in Canada for many years (since at he was at least 19). The company has grown to encompass many franchisees in Canada, the US and Australia, and through parent company O2E Brands has several sister services.

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Miscellaneous: CUCU Covers 🍁

Name: CUCU Covers

Products: Customizable skins for your bank cards, gift cards, and transit pass

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website

Website: cucucovers.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Perhaps the ultimate “I don’t know how to categorize this” product. CUCU makes covers for your various cards that allow you to make them a bit more interesting. You can even make custom covers, if you really want a picture of your kids on your Presto pass.