Personal Care/Beards: ManSoap Company 🍁

Name: ManSoap Company

Products: All natural soaps, and men’s grooming products.

Manufactured In: Gatineau, Quebec

Where to Buy: Online and retailers.


Canadian Owned: Yes

Though their name is ManSoap, the company makes products for everyone. All-natural soaps without the chemical ingredients that most mainstream soaps contain. In addition, they have a variety of beard care products if you happen to be sporting a lockdown beard at the moment.

Beards/Shaving: Midnight & Two 🍁

Name:Β Midnight & Two

Products:Β Pre-shave, shaving soap, aftershave balm, beard oil, beard balm, beard/hair wash

Manufactured In:Β Calgary, Alberta

Where to buy:Β Online, various retailers


Canadian Owned:Β Yes

Born of frustrations at the failing of both synthetic and natural grooming products and some hard work between the hours of midnight and 2AM, Midnight & Two’s all natural products were born. Handmade in Calgary using ingredients from around the world, Midnight & Two uses essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances for scent, and a combination of various oils, butters, and aloe vera to create the “Complete Shave System”. This consists of pre-shave for preparation, shaving soap for protection, and aftershave balm for rejuvenation. They also offer some beard care products.

Beards/Shaving: Henri et Victoria 🍁

Name: Henri et Victoria

Products: Shaving soap, aftershave, beard care

Manufactured In: Gatineau, Quebec

Where to Buy: Company website and distributors


Canadian Owned: Yes

High quality shaving goods, balancing beautiful scents with chemistry that is good for the skin.

Personal Care/Beards: Rocky Mountain Barber Company 🍁

Name: Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Products: Personal care and beard stuff

Manufactured In: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website,Β


Canadian Owned: Yes

Oddly enough, the Rocky Mountain Barber Company is based in Niagara Falls, but nevertheless, wherever they are, they still make small batch, natural men’s grooming products.

It’s not clear where some of their accessories are made, such as razor blades – it seems likely they are not made in Canada.

Personal Care: Nickel City Beard Blends 🍁

Name:Β Nickel City Beard Blends

Products: Beard & body care products

Manufactured In: Sudbury, Ontario

Where to buy:Β Company website andΒ select shops


Canadian Owned:Β Yes

Now, here at MiC we don’t really get the beard thing. But there are enough fans out there that beard care is a pretty big thing, so while it’s not in the cards for us, check out Nickel City Beard Blends. Most of their products are all-natural and their beard blends are proudly made in Canada.

They have also launched a line of products for women, such as lip balms, zen rollers (essential oil roll-ons), all-purpose balm sticks (dry skin, tattoos, bug bites). To be fair, these don’t have to be exclusively used by women!

Some of the products on their site appear not to be made in Canada.