Personal Care: Henson Shaving 🍁

Name: Henson Shaving

Products: Razors

Manufactured In: Canada and India

Where to Buy:  Online, Amazon, and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Henson Shaving is a Canadian company making razors and razor blades. The razors are fully designed, manufactured, assembled, and packaged in Canada. Henson’s RK Stainless blades are made and packaged in India. Before making razors and razor blades, Henson made parts for large aerospace projects for 20 years.

The company makes the AL13 razor made with aluminum. It is machined to very tight tolerances to control the blade extension and exposure. The razor is designed to work with standard double-edge blades so, although the company makes blades, you can use other double-edged blades with the razors, too.

You can order directly from Henson’s website or find them on Amazon or at various retailers.