Personal Care: Fiore Botanica Natural Skin Care 🍁

Name: Fiore Botanica Natural Skin Care

Products: Natural skin care, bath products, body care for men, women, children and pets

Manufactured In: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: In store or online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Fiore Botanica creates products that are free from dyes, perfumes or alcohols. They manufacture a very wide line of personal care products as well as some products for pets.

Personal Care: Buck Naked Soap Company 🍁

Name: Buck Naked Soap Company

Products: Natural skin and body care

Manufactured In: Cambridge, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and select retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Buck Naked makes an extremely wide range of personal care products – soaps, beard oils, bath bombs, lotions, lip butters and more. They also offer Bark Naked, a handful of pet products.

All products are vegan and free of any animal testing.

Pet Products: Petcurean 🍁

Name: Petcurean

Products: Food and treats under the Gather, Go!, Now Fresh, Summit and Spike brands

Manufactured In: Kibble is made in Elmira, ON.  Canned products are produced primarily in Canada and secondarily in the U.S. Tetra Pak products are products are produced in Beloit, WI. Spike Jerky Treats are made in Gainesville, Georgia

Where to Buy: Various Canadian online retailers and various pet supply retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 1999, Petcurean has expanded to an international concern, but remains owned by its two founders. It is difficult to tell where their production facilities are located – we found reference to a facility in Texas, so it’s possible some of their products are not made in Canada. Check the labeling!

Pet Products: Champion Petfoods 🍁

Name: Champion Petfoods

Products: Orijen and Acana dog and cat foods

Manufactured In: Morinville, Alberta

Where to buy: Retailers in 80 countries


Canadian Owned: Yes (for now?)

Champion, through its Orijen and Acana brands, makes “biologically-appropriate” pet foods that are intended to be as close as possible to what animals would eat in the wild. From humble beginnings, they now have approximately 500 employees in Alberta, Ontario and Kentucky.

Apparently Nestle is negotiating to buy a controlling stake in the company, so they may not be Canadian-owned for long.

Pet Products: Royal Canin

Name: Royal Canin

Products: Pet food (dog & cat)

Manufactured In: Guelph, Ontario

Where to Buy: Veterinary clinics and pet stores


Canadian Owned: No (Owned by US giant Mars, Incorporated)

Kibble is manufactured in Guelph and product is exported to Chile, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States, Argentina, Brazil and Australia.

Retailer: Federated Co-operatives Limited 🍁

Name: Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL)
Products: Gasoline, other fuels, food stores, agriculture
Headquartered In: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Where to Buy: Western Provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
Canadian Owned: Yes

FCL is owned by about 190 smaller member co-operatives across Western Canada (which are themselves owned by more than 1.8 million people). They employ around 23,000 people and are hugely popular, based on the number of submissions we received to this site.

FCL primarily operates on a B2B model, offering fuel (owning their own refinery in Regina, Saskatchewan), farm supplies, food, and home & building supplies.

Pet Products: Global Pet Foods 🍁

Name: Global Pet Foods

Products: Pet Foods

Manufactured In: Canada

Where to Buy: Global Pet Foods


Canadian Owned: Yes

Global Pet Foods is the largest Canadian-owned pet specialty retailer. They sell a variety of products made in Canada, listed below. It’s not clear if the provinces listed with the products are where they are made or only where they are sold – but you can be comfortable that these are Canadian-made brands:

Dog & Cat Foods & Treats

Nature’s Harvest – Quebec

Go! – Ontario

Now Fresh – Ontario

Wholesome Blend – Ontario

Lifetime (both the Grain Free and Original Lines) – Ontario

FirstMate – British Columbia

Kasida – British Columbia

Valens – British Columbia

PetKind – British Columbia

Acana – Alberta

Orijen – Alberta

Grand Cru – Quebec

Oven Baked Tradition – Quebec

North Paw – Nova Scotia

Nutram – Ontario

Northern Biscuit – Ontario (treats only)

Carna4 – Quebec

Wilder & Harrier – Quebec (treats only)

Canadian Naturals – British Columbia

Nutrience – Quebec

Hurraw – Quebec

Boreal – Alberta

Raw Foods:


Bold Mega Dog



Pet Products: NorthFin Premium Fish Food 🍁

Name: NorthFin Premium Fish Food

Products: Preservative-free fish food

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Petland or other local fish stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

NorthFin offers premium quality fish foods, by mimicking the natural feeding habits of all aquatic fish species throughout a natural easily digestible diet. They use no preservatives, no added hormones and are artificial pigment free.

Pet Products: Candid K Nines 🍁

Name: Candid K Nines Treats for Dogs

Products: All natural dog treats with a personalized touch

Manufactured in: Windsor, Ontario

Where to buy: Online and retailers throughout southwestern Ontario


Canadian owned: Yes

Candid K Nines Treats for Dogs are all natural artisan baked, wheat and gluten free dog treats, made with no added additives and no added preservatives. The unique highlight of their treats is the personalized touch they add to the labels where pet-parents can order a bag with their dog’s photo on it.

Pet Products: Tropican & Tropimix 🍁

Name: Tropican

Products: Parrot and bird food

Manufactured in: Canada

Where to buy: Pet food retailers across the country


Canadian owned: Yes

Tropican and Tropimix both have several different lines parrot and bird food. Both are brands of Quebec-based Rolf C. Hagen Inc., the largest privately-owned, multi-national pet products manufacturer and distributor.