Food: Fromagerie Bergeron ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Name:ย Fromagerie Bergeron

Products:ย Various cheeses

Manufactured In:ย Quebec

Where to buy:ย Various chain stores, particularly Costco


Canadian Owned:ย No

Fromagerie Bergeron is a subsidiary of the publicly traded French Bel Group. Fromagerie Bergeron makes cheeses in Quebec, most of which can be identified by the Aliments du Quebec logo on the packaging, signifying that it is composed of a minimum of 85% main ingredients from Quebec, and that all the packaging and processing is also in Quebec. Also, Bel announced in 2018 plans to build a factory in Quebec to produce Mini Babybel cheese, with production scheduled for sometime in 2020.ย  Additionally, as part of Fromagerie Bergeron’s deal with Bel, all new production of The Laughing Cow cheese products for the Canadian market is in Bergeron’s factory in Saint-Nicolas, QC.

Condiments: Tymek’s๐Ÿ

Name:ย Tymek’s

Products:ย Pickles, various other Polish style condiments

Manufactured In:ย Etobicoke, ON

Where to buy:ย Various locations in Ontario and Quebec


Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Tymek’s started 30 years ago in Toronto to spread their condiments to the Polish community, and since has grown into a well respected brand of natural pickles and condiments. Their pickles are made with a traditional Polish recipe from Ontario grown cucumbers. They also offer nutrition information and recipes on their website! Their factory store is in Etobicoke. With availability at some 105 locations, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find them.

Reno/Outdoor: Shade Sails Canada ๐Ÿ

Name: Shade Sails Canada

Products:ย Shade sails, privacy panels, pergola shades

Manufactured In:ย Revelstoke, B.C. (Sails) & Denmark (hardware)

Where to buy:ย Online (possibly elsewhere, unclear on website)


Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Shade Sails Canada makes shade sails for residential and commercial usage at their manufacturing facility in British Columbia. Their hardware section is manufactured in Denmark, but their sails are custom made in Canada. I think they look like a pretty cool way to keep the sun off outside your home.

Clothing: Cherry Velvet ๐Ÿ

Name:ย Cherry Velvet

Products:ย Dresses, men’s shirts, accessories

Manufactured In:ย Vancouver, B.C.

Where to buy:ย Online


Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Cherry Velvet sells Vancouver designed and manufactured dresses and shirts with the tagline “retro class with modern sass”, which I feel pretty well encapsulates their brand. They have dresses with a cool forties/fifties -esque style, and similarly themed shirts, as well as a Halloween themed line. They seem to have a focus on keeping their products made in Canada, and that’s what we’re all about, so definitely give them a look.

Clothing & Accessories: Colori ๐Ÿ

Name:ย Colori

Products:ย Womenswear, outerwear, earrings, necklaces, accessories

Manufactured In:ย Some products made in Montreal, QC, others unspecified, but likely in Canada.

Where to buy:ย 40 stores across Quebec, 1 in Nova Scotia, and online


Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Colori is a Montreal based clothing brand, specializing in women’s clothing. They have a Made in Montreal line, which is specified on their website. It is unclear where the rest of their line is made, though their submission suggested all of their products were Canadian made. In any case, their products seem to be designed in Montreal, and they are of high quality and good design. Definitely worth checking out.

Tools: Agawa Canyon ๐Ÿ

Name: Agawa Canyon

Products: Folding bow saw

Manufactured In: Uxbridge, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website, MEC, Amazon


Canadian Owned: Yes

Uxbridge alert! From Made in Canada’s hometown comes Agawa Canyon, who make an innovative collapsing/folding bow saw, targeted at the outdoors market. Very well reviewed, so check it out.

Personal Care: Thumper Massager ๐Ÿ

Name: Thumper Massager

Products: Deep muscle percussion massagers

Manufactured In: North of Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website, Costco, Walmart, Amazon, many other outlets


Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Thumper has been around since 1974, making high-quality massagers in Canada despite many of their competitors rushing offshore to make inferior products. Thumper continues to be THE name in deep tissue and deep muscle personal massagers.

Home Products: Canadiano ๐Ÿ

Name: Canadiano

Products: Pour-over coffee makers

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online or select stores


Canadian Owned:ย Yes

The Canadiano is a hand-made coffee maker, constructed from your choice of different woods (depending on the type of coffee you’re brewing) and a stainless steel filter. This eliminates the waste from paper filters, or pod-style single cup coffee brewers.

Furniture: BDM + Furniture ๐Ÿ

Name: BDM + Furniture

Products: Furniture under the Bermex, Bertanie, Dinec, Mi-Di, Shermag brands

Manufactured In: Various factories in Quebec

Where to Buy: Most of the brand websites have a store locator


Canadian Owned: Yes (appears very likely)

BDM has at least 5 factories in Quebec, employing around 600 people. Many of their brands primarily use North American birch in their furniture.

Tools: Smithline Inc. ๐Ÿ

Name: Smithline Inc.

Products: Crown moulding hanger

Manufactured In: Peterborough, Ontario

Where to Buy: Loweโ€™s, Lee Valley Tools, Amazon


Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Smithline makes an innovative product that turns the challenging process of installing crown moulding into a one-person job. The product was invented by a licensed carpenter, and is reusable.