Outdoors: SkyShed Pod 🍁

Name: SkyShed Pod

Products: Astronomical observatories

Manufactured In: Shallow Lake, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online or retailers

Website: skyshedpod.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Though we can’t speak from personal experience, the selling point of the SkyShed Pod is that it allows amateur astronomers to leave their gear set up inside of these personal observatories, maximizing the time they can spend observing the skies. Considering the amount of money you can spend on a decent telescope & gear, adding something like a SkyShed Pod may well be worth the investment.

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Miscellaneous: Vineyard Dogs Publishing 🍁

Name: Vineyard Dogs Publishing Inc.

Products: Vineyard Dogs of the Okanagan

Manufactured In: Manitoba

Where to Buy: Online and at featured vineyards

Website: vineyarddogsbook.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

From the publisher: “144 pages of exquisitely curated images, poetry and prose.  A showcase of beautiful Okanagan wineries and their beloved canines. 11”x 9” landscape hardcover book with dustjacket. A 100% Canadian product- from photography, written word, design through production. Printed in Canada on paper from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources.”

Honey: BeeMaid 🍁

Name: BeeMaid

Products: Liquid and creamed varieties of honey

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Grocery stores mainly in Western Canada

Website: beemaid.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

BeeMaid is owned by Canadian beekeepers, and has been producing honey since 1954. They source their products from beekeepers in Western Canada, from Manitoba through BC.

Snacks: Los Cantores Tortilla Chips 🍁

Name: Los Cantores Tortilla Chips

Products: Tortilla chips

Manufactured In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to Buy: Farm Boy, Sobeys, Whole Foods, other grocers primarily in Ontario/Quebec

Website: mexicancornproducts.com

Canadian Owned: Likely

Los Cantores are tortilla chips made with traditional Mexican flavours. Mexican food in Canada is largely influenced by American tex-mex flavour profiles and what we think of as Mexican really isn’t.

This company also produces Farm Boy’s label of tortilla chips.

Retailers: LE CHÂTEAU 📈


Products: Ladieswear, menswear, footwear and accessories

Manufactured In: Canada and overseas (more detail below)

Where to Buy: Company website and LE CHÂTEAU stores across Canada

Website: lechateau.com

Canadian Owned: Publicly traded on the TSX:V, majority owned by Canadians

LE CHÂTEAU is a Canadian specialty retailer and manufacturer of contemporary fashion apparel, accessories, and footwear at value pricing for style-conscious women and men of all ages. Today the LE CHÂTEAU brand is sold exclusively through 151 retail locations across Canada, as well as online.

The company has more than 1,800 employees and produces approximately 30% of its high-quality garments annually in its own production facilities in Canada. The largest concentration of made in Canada product is in dresses, ladies suiting and outerwear.

Mattresses: Recore 🍁

Name: Recore

Products: Latex mattress in a box

Manufactured In: Quebec

Where to buy: Online

Website: https://www.recorebed.ca/

Canadian Owned: Yes

Recore is a member of the Novosbed family (Novosbed, DouglasLogan & Cove, Brunswick). Like Douglas, Brunswick and Logan & Cove, their products are made in Canada and shipped in a box. Recore rounds out their offerings as a latex mattress, offering a similar feel to a memory foam mattress with the support similar to what you get in a spring mattress. Consistent with their other product lines, they offer a 120 night trial and free shipping.

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Mattresses: Brunswick 🍁

Name: Brunswick

Products: Spring mattresses in a box

Manufactured In: Ontario

Where to buy: Online

Website: https://www.brunswickbed.ca/

Canadian Owned: Yes

Brunswick Bed is a member of the Novosbed family (Novosbed, Douglas, Logan & Cove, Recore). Like Douglas and Logan & Cove, their products are made in Canada and shipped in a box. We didn’t know that anyone was shipping a full-out spring mattress in a box, but here you go. They offer a 120 sleep return guarantee and free shipping. Compared to quality spring mattresses you’ll find in store, their prices are very reasonable.

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Clothing: Maritime Gear Clothing Company 🍁

Name: Maritime Gear Clothing Company

Products: T-shirts and hoodies/hooded sweatshirts

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta (printed in Nova Scotia)

Where to Buy: Online

Website: maritimegear.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Maritime Gear is a line of t-shirts and hoodies inspired by the Maritimes. For example, you’ll find a Dartmouth collection in the colours of the city of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Unlike some of their competitors that are “designed in Nova Scotia”, Maritime Gear’s products really are made in Canada.

Accessories: Bukuro Bag Company 🍁

Name: Bukuro Bag Company

Products: Bags and accessories

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Online, Gatley (Vancouver), The Fab Pad ( Richmond)

Website: mybukuro.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Bukuro makes high-quality, Japanese-inspired quality unisex bags and accessories made of natural materials by people making a living wage. They are simple in design, but very functional.

Personal Care: Zoologist Perfumes 🍁

Name: Zoologist Perfumes

Products: Niche perfumes

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online, some stockists

Website: zoologistperfumes.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Zoologist Perfumes works with independent perfumers to create unique scents that are inspired by a variety of members of the animal kingdom. Their scents use no animal-derived musks, instead using only artificial scents for ethical reasons.

While their scents are at a high price point, they are very well-reviewed and unique.