Frozen Treats: Coolway 🍁

Name: Coolway

Products: Low-calorie & sugar, high protein frozen treat

Manufactured In: Presumably Quebec

Where to buy: Walmart, Metro, Freshco, Co-op, Longo’s, IGA, Whole Foods Market


Canadian Owned: Yes

Coolway is a Canadian alternative to the popular low-calorie ice cream product Halo Top. Originally designed as an alternative to protein shakes, this proudly Canadian product packs 28g of protein and has only 280-360 calories per pint.

Frozen Treats: Screamin Brothers 🍁

Name: Screamin Brothers

Products: Dairy-free frozen treats

Manufactured In: Lethbridge, Alberta (?)

Where to buy: 700+ retailers across Canada (there are even stores in Yukon and the Northwest Territories!)


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in the wake of the Haiti earthquake in 2010 by then 10-year-old JR Wikkerink, Screamin Brothers sells allergen (including dairy) and gluten-free frozen treats. They were featured on Dragon’s Den and are now available at retailers across Canada.

Frozen Treats: Laiterie de Coaticook 🍁

Name: Laiterie de Coaticook

Products: Cheese, Ice Cream, Ice Milk

Manufactured In: Coaticook, Québec

Where to Buy: Retailers in Quebec


Canadian Owned: Yes

Submitted by several people, many of whom raved about the quality of Coaticook ice cream. Laiterie de Coaticook traces its roots back to 1940, and has focused primarily on the production of ice cream and ice milk since 1976. Currently they employ 110 people at their production facility in Coaticook.

Frozen Treats: Nicecream 🍁

Name: Nicecream

Products: Ice cream-like dessert made only from fruit

Manufactured In: Colborne, Ontario

Where to buy: Various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Started by Trent University student Brooke Hammer in 2016, Nicecream has gained distribution across the country. It’s an ice cream-like frozen dessert made entirely from fruit. That’s right – the strawberry banana flavour is made strictly from strawberries and bananas.

Frozen Treats: Nestlé 📈

Name: Nestlé

Products: Häagen-Dazs, Parlour, Drumstick, Goodnorth

Manufactured In: London, Ontario

Where to Buy: Basically every grocery and convenience store

Canadian Owned: No (multi-national giant)

Nestlé’s frozen treats are made with Canadian dairy.

Frozen Treats: Kawartha Dairy 🍁

Name: Kawartha Dairy

Products: Ice cream, milk, butter, cream, etc.

Manufactured In: Bobcaygeon, ON

Where to buy: other retailers Kawartha Dairy stores and


Canadian Owned: Yes

Kawartha Dairy is a fully Canadian and family-owned company operating for over 80 years. I personally have one of their stores near my home, and they are without a doubt the best ice cream in town. Check them out!

Frozen Treats: Chapman’s Ice Cream 🍁

Name: Chapman’s Ice Cream

Products: Ice cream and frozen yogurt

Manufactured in: Markdale, Ontario

Where to buy: Grocery stores across Canada


Canadian owned: Yes

If you’ve ever driven to Sauble Beach from the Greater Toronto Area, you may have passed by the Chapman’s factory in Markdale. Since 1973, the Chapman family has been building a successful business and uses 100% Canadian dairy (what’s up Trump). Their production facility burned down in 2009 but dedicated owners and team rebuilt it, bigger and better, within a year and a half. And – have you ever noticed how some of their competitors call their product “frozen dessert”? That means it’s a vegetable oil-based product, not real ice cream – which Chapman’s proudly produces.