Cosmetics: Cheeky Cosmetics 🍁

Name: Cheeky Cosmetics

Products: Makeup

Manufactured In: Okanagan Valley, BC

Where to Buy: Online and select stockists


Canadian Owned: Yes

Cheeky Cosmetics hand-makes a wide variety of cosmetics using only all-natural minerals and organic ingredients. They are completely vegan products, meaning they contain no animal products, and have not been tested on animals. You can buy small testers as well so you can verify that the product is right for you before shelling out for the full-size product.

Cosmetics: Aqua+ Skincare 🍁

Name: Aqua+ Skincare

Products: Skincare and beauty

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to Buy:  Company website, and worldwide


Canadian Owned: Yes

Aqua+ Skincare is a Canadian cosmetic company specializing in health and skin care products. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Alberta, Canada, its main focus is research, development and innovation concentrating mainly on skin care products and protection and prevention against harmful air pollutants.

Aqua+ Skincare strives to bring a healthier lifestyle to people around the world, continuing to make good and healthy skin possible to people every day, with the basic philosophy of local production, global sales.

Cosmetics: Cheekbone Beauty 🍁

Name: Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics

Products: Lipstick, lipgloss, brow products and contour palettes

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Cheekbone has created a line of cosmetics that are not animal-tested, mostly vegan and are paraben free. In addition, the company donates 10% of all profits to First Nations education.

Cosmetics: Pure Anada 🍁

Name: Pure Anada

Products: Cosmetics, personal care

Manufactured In: Morden, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Pure Anada is ethically-sourced, made in Canada, free of the “dirty dozen” ingredients found in most mainstream cosmetics, free from common allergens, and cruelty-free.

Cosmetics: Marc Anthony Cosmetics 🍁

Name: Marc Anthony Cosmetics

Products: Wide variety of cosmetics

Manufactured In: London, Ontario

Where to Buy: Retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Started by celebrity hairstylist Marc Anthony, the company has since become an international giant. It’s not clear exactly what products are made in Ontario, but a quick search on Amazon shows many are made in Canada. Check the label when buying!

Cosmetics: Cake Beauty 🍁

Name: Cake Beauty Inc.

Products: Cosmetics

Manufactured In: Canada and the UK

Where to Buy: Shoppers Drug Mart, online, other stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Recently purchased by Canadian cosmetics giant Marc Anthony, Cake Beauty makes vegan products that are never tested on animals. They are certified cruelty-free by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies.

Cosmetics: Lush

Name: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Products: Bath, body and hair care products

Manufactured In: Etobicoke, Ontario and Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: At Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Stores


Canadian Owned: Sort of

If you’ve been in a mall, you’ve probably seen a Lush cosmetics store. They specialize in selling cosmetics and bath products that move from factory to customer in a matter of a few days, not weeks.

Their factories in Canada supply the entire North American market. From what we can determine, Lush North America is 50% Canadian owned, and 50% owned by the UK parent.


Cosmetics/Personal Care: East Coast Glow 🍁

Name: East Coast Glow

Products: Cosmetics and personal care products made from iceberg water

Manufactured in: Bonavista, Newfoundland

Where to buy: At their company website or their store in Bonavista


Canadian owned: Yes

Karen and Roger Dewling ship their innovative and natural products across the country from their small cosmetics studio in Bonavista. Along with iceberg water from the icebergs floating by, they also collect local wildflowers, salt and mushrooms to help formulate their products.