Cosmetics: Bite Beauty 🍁

Name: BITE Beauty

Products: Lipstick and lip products, eyeshadow, foundation, primer, and other face cosmetics

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario


Where to Buy: Online, Sephora, and Bite Lip Lab in Toronto

Canadian Owned: Yes

BITE Beauty is a Toronto-based cosmetics company that specializes in lip products. Despite their start making only lip products, BITE Beauty now makes eye make and face products as well. All of BITE’s products are clean, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. They use superfoods to create unique, healthful blends that never feature gluten.

Every BITE Beauty product is made with food-grade ingredients at their factory in Toronto. Founded in 2011, this cosmetics company has become a global name, with stores in the United States and international shipping available.

At the BITE Lip Lab in Toronto, customers can create a custom lipstick shade. Creating a shade involves mixing the colour you want, choosing a finish, adding a flavour, and engraving your tube of lipstick. The Lip Lab is available for parties and gatherings, too!

BITE Beauty