Personal Care: Earth Mama’s Apothecary 🍁

Name: Earth Mama’s Apothecary Ltd.

Products: Herbal medicine – 5 ointment formulations for minor injuries and self care

Manufactured In: Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Earth Mama’s Apothecary is the only small-batch traditional Celtic herbalist that has herbal medicinal ointment licenses from Health Canada.Β  All of their products are made with medical-grade herbs that have been tested for chemical and microbial contamination and ALL ingredients and operational equipment/merchandise/supplies are Canadian, with the exception of one company that produces eco-friendly bubble mailers.

Personal Care: Harlow Skin Care 🍁

Name: Harlow Skin Care

Products: Personal Care – Skin Care/Body Care

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Variety of retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Simple products made from complex plants. All made in a Vancouver based workshop, Harlow Skin Co-Creates products that are consciously designed with thoughtful and aesthetically designed packaging.

Personal Care: Saje Natural Wellness 🍁

Name: Saje Natural Wellness

Products: Essential oils and natural products

Manufactured In: Majority of products produced “locally”

Where to Buy:Β Online and stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Saje is a Canadian chain of retail shops selling essential oils and other personal care products. They claim to make the majority of their products locally, suggesting most of their product lines should be Canadian made.

Personal Care/Beards: Rocky Mountain Barber Company 🍁

Name: Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Products: Personal care and beard stuff

Manufactured In: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website,Β


Canadian Owned: Yes

Oddly enough, the Rocky Mountain Barber Company is based in Niagara Falls, but nevertheless, wherever they are, they still make small batch, natural men’s grooming products.

It’s not clear where some of their accessories are made, such as razor blades – it seems likely they are not made in Canada.

Personal Care: Garden City Essentials 🍁

Name: Garden City Essentials

Products: Deodorant, skin care, hair care, lip conditioner, soap bars

Manufactured In: St. Catharines, Ontario

Where to Buy:Β Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

From the Garden City, St. Catharines, (not St. Catherines or St. Catharine’s), Garden City Essentials has a full line of personal care products and also carries products from like-minded brands on their website. While Garden City’s products are made in Canada, make sure you check the other brands before you buy.

Food: Honey Bunny 🍁

Name: Honey Bunny

Products: Barbecue sauce, lip balm, creamed honey, raw honey

Manufactured In: Peace River, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Honey Bunny has apiaries in Alberta and BC, producing organic honey and making them the largest producer of organic honey in Canada. They export a significant amount of their production due to its quality and reputation.

Personal Care: Cake Beauty 🍁

Name: Cake Beauty Inc.

Products: Cosmetics

Manufactured In: Canada and the UK

Where to Buy: Shoppers Drug Mart, online, other stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Recently purchased by Canadian cosmetics giant Marc Anthony, Cake Beauty makes vegan products that are never tested on animals. They are certified cruelty-free by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies.