Bicycles: SURU Inc 🍁

Name: SURU Inc

Products: Electric bikes

Manufactured In: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 2016 by international award-winning designer Michael Uhlarik, an Ontario native, and partner Kevin O’Neil (born and raised in Montreal), SURU uses advanced aerospace and racing technology to manufacture lightweight electric bikes.

SURU is one of only two brands that actually manufacture bicycles and motorbikes in Canada, not just assemble parts made in the far east.  Every SURU starts out as sheets and billets of raw, Canadian mined aluminum and steel and is formed, painted, and assembled into complete vehicles in Nova Scotia.

SURU One Fifty

Bicycles: Rocky Mountain Bicycles 🍁

Name: Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Products: Mountain and pavement bikes

Manufactured In: Overseas

Where to Buy: Network of dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Rocky Mountain Bicycles is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer based in Delta, British Columbia. The company was incorporated in 1981, and purchased by Quebec-based Procycle in 1997. Though production has been outsourced overseas, design and head office operations remain in Canada.

Rocky Mountain bicycles are widely used by professional cyclists.

Bicycles: Chromag Bikes 🍁

Name: Chromag Bikes

Products: Mountain bikes and accessories

Manufactured In: Whistler, BC (certain lines, such as Primer), other bikes made in Taiwan

Where to Buy: Local bike shops


Canadian Owned: Yes

Started in 2003, Chromag is based in Whistler, BC, which seems like a pretty good place to be making mountain bikes. They are very clear on their website about who is making their bikes – if you check out their Primer line, it states “Hand made by Mike Truelove in British Columbia, Canada”.

Bicycles: Argon 18 🍁

Name: Argon 18

Products: High-end racing, road and triathlon bikes

Manufactured in: Appears the frames are made in China, final assembly in Montreal (?)

Where to buy: Various retailers


Canadian owned: Yes

Argon 18 was founded in 1989 by retired cyclist Gervais Rioux in Montreal. Since then, they’ve built lines of extremely high-quality bicycles used by a wide range of champion cyclists and triathletes.

Bicycles: Devinci Bikes 🍁

Name: Devinci Bikes

Products: Bicycles

Manufactured in: Chicoutimi, Quebec

Where to buy: Authorized retailers


Canadian owned: Yes

Formed in 1987, Devinci Bikes produces a wide variety of bikes in Chicoutimi – road, mountain, electric, leisure, etc. These are not $150 Walmart bikes, they are serious, quality machines for the serious biker.