Bicycles: Norco 🍁

Name: Norco Bicycles

Products: Bicycles

Manufactured In: Not Canada

Where to Buy: Dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

There are few, if any, major manufacturers making bicycles in Canada. So we’ve added Norco to the list because they are Canadian-owned, headquartered in Coquitlam, British Columbia, where all design and engineering takes place. The bicycles are likely manufactured in Taiwan, China, or Vietnam and then shipped for final assembly by local dealers.

Norco was established in 1964 as Northern Cycle Industries in a chicken coop. From very humble roots Norco has grown into a reputable bicycle company. The product line by Norco includes bikes for every type of cyclist including freeride, enduro, mountain, trail, XC race, cross country, and dirt jump bikes as well as fat bikes.