Bicycles: Cycles Marinoni 🍁

Name: Cycles Marinoni

Products: Bicycles

Manufactured In: Terrebonne, Quebec

Where to Buy: Direct from Marinoni


Canadian Owned: Yes

Marinoni is a Canadian bicycle company founded by Giuseppe Marinoni who moved to Canada from Italy. Marinoni has been designing and building bikes in Quebec since 1974. During his time in the business, Giuseppe has built over 40,000 bikes. Many would say that means he has perfected the bike-building craft, but when interviewed in 2021, he said he was still learning.

Cycles Marinoni is now operated by Giuseppe’s son Paolo and still building great bikes. The frames are built in Canada while most of the high-quality components are imported from other countries.

Normally, Marinoni’s bikes are available to purchase online and from various retailers. However, due to shortages of components and labour, the bikes are only available direct from the company at the moment (updated 2.2.2024).