Coffee: Laughing Whale Coffee

Name: Laughing Whale Coffee

Products: Coffee

Manufactured In: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Stores in eastern Canada, online


Canadian Owned: Maybe?

Laughing Whale suggests that they may have the lowest carbon footprint for their coffee in Canada, as they invested in a $60,000 roasting machine that is highly efficient.… Read more

Coffee/Tea: Earth Group 🍁

Name: The Earth Group

Products: Coffee and herbal tea

Manufactured In: Edmonton, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and in stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Earth Group is unique in that all of their profits are donated to buy meals for children attending schools in poverty-stricken countries.… Read more

Coffee: Van Houtte

Name: Van Houtte

Products: Coffee

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Pretty much everywhere


Canadian Owned: Yes

Van Houtte traces its coffee roasting heritage to 1919 in Montreal.… Read more

Coffee: Ashanti Coffee 🍁

Name: Ashanti Coffee

Products: Coffee

Manufactured In: Thornbury, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online, Ashanti cafes in Southern Ontario, and certain grocery stores like Sobey’s


Canadian Owned: Yes

Ashanti sources their coffee beans from Zimbabwe, and appear to have exclusivity in Canada for Zimbabwe beans.… Read more