Mattresses: Lunazen 🍁

Name: Lunazen

Products: Mattresses, box springs, bed frames

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Lunazen makes mattresses that are a mix of pocket coil and foam, and is unique among their online Canadian competitors in that they do not compress the mattress into a box for shipping. They offer a 100 night sleep trial/guarantee.

Home Products: Comfort Foam 🍁

Name: Comfort Foam

Products: Commercial grade foam products – foam mattresses, pillows, replacement sofa/chair cushions, custom cut foam

Manufactured In: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online, with shipping across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Celebrating 25 years, Comfort Foam is owned by Emily Calkin, a native of Halifax, NS.  Comfort Foam is the place to go for commercial grade foam and foam related products, selling quality foam for mattresses, sofa cushion replacements, window seats, pet beds, custom wedges, just to name a few.  Their Dartmouth warehouse has an abundance of foam in different firmnesses and sizes allowing quick delivery. They sell standard sizes as well as custom cuts – no job is too big or too small.

Furniture, Clothing, & Home Products: Dream Designs Co. 🍁

Name: Dream Designs Co.

Products: Towels, linens, mattresses, pillows, bedding, yoga items, pyjamas, curtains, napkins

Manufactured In: Burnaby, BC & overseas

Where to buy: Online, various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Since 1981, Dream Designs Co. has been making and selling items made of natural textiles. Today, Dream Designs’ products can be found in stores across Canada and the United States. Most of their products are made in Burnaby, but some of their products must be sourced from overseas, such as their silk and bamboo duvets and their organic cotton towels. If their product is made in Canada, it is clearly marked on their website.

Mattresses: Matelas Princesse 🍁

Name: Matelas Princesse

Products: Mattresses

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: At their factory in Montreal, Online, Retailers (unclear which ones)


Canadian Owned: Yes

Matelas Princesse has been making mattresses in Montreal for some 35 odd years. They make their mattresses using local components and a few from the US, but none from China, to ensure the quality of their mattresses. They even say on their site that “if you don’t care about the quality of your sleep, or don’t care what kind of mattress you sleep on, don’t call us-go somewhere else”. They take their mattresses very seriously, and make them fit your body type as best they can.

Mattresses: Logan & Cove by Novosbed 🍁

Name: Logan & Cove by Novosbed

Product: Luxury mattress

Manufactured in: Toronto, Ontario

Where to buy: Online


Canadian owned: Novosbed

A somewhat unique entrant in the bed-in-a-box realm, Logan & Cove shares similarities in that it’s delivered for free, can be returned for free,has a 120 night sleep trial and has a 15 year warranty. However, it’s different in that it has traditional pocket coil and pillowtop construction along with memory foam.

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Mattresses: Matelas Dauphin 🍁

Name: Matelas Dauphin

Products: Mattresses and beds

Manufactured in: Charny, Quebec

Where to buy: Online and at 19 retail outlets in Quebec


Canadian owned: Yes

The submitter of this listing described the mattress she purchased from Matelas Dauphin as “exceptional”. They provide mattresses to the Alt and Le Germain line of hotels.

Mattresses: Matelas Lapensée Mattresses 🍁

Name: Matelas Lapensée Mattresses

Products: Mattresses

Made in: Gatineau, QC

Where to buy: Company website and retail stores in Gatineau, Kanata and Orleans


Canadian owned: Yes

The Lapensée family has been making mattresses since 1902, and the 4th generation of the family is now part of the business. They make to order several lines of conventional pocket coil mattresses as well as memory foam, and offer a 100 night sleep guarantee.

Mattresses: North Star Bedding 🍁

Name: North Star Bedding

Products: Mattresses

Manufactured in: Sudbury, Ontario

Where to Buy: North Star factory in Sudbury


Canadian owned: Yes

For more than 25 years, Herb Verhoeven and his team have been hand-making mattresses for customers across Northern Ontario. Each mattress is custom-made and sized, and built to the right firmness level so each customer gets exactly what they’re looking for.  Customers that head to the North Star factory will also be getting wholesale pricing, as they’re buying direct.

Mattresses: Marshall Mattress 🍁

Name: Marshall Mattress

Products: Pocket coil spring mattresses

Manufactured in: Toronto, ON

Where to buy: Hudson’s Bay and various mattress and furniture retailers


Canadian owned: Yes

Marshall has been hand-crafting mattresses in Toronto since 1900. The company’s founder invented and patented the pocket coil spring and set the course of the mattress industry for the next century.

Mattresses: Restwell Sleep Products 🍁

Name: Restwell Sleep Products

Products: Mattresses under the Restwell, Spring Air, Novosleep and Purenergy Sleep Systems brands

Manufactured in: Surrey, BC and Regina, SK

Where to buy: Dealers throughout western Canada


Canadian owned: Yes

Restwell manufactures mattresses of all types (pocket coil, memory foam, etc.) under a variety of brands for consumer and hospitality markets. They were founded in 1990 and expanded in 2009 with their facility in Regina. They appear to be sold in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.