Outdoors / Automotive Accessories: Twinpeaks Wilderness Co. 🍁

Name: Twinpeaks Wilderness Co.

Products: Camping accessories, truck bed racks

Manufactured In: Alberta

Where to buy: Online

Website: twinpeaks.co

Canadian Owned: Yes

Twinpeaks Wilderness produces several pieces of equipment for camping/outdoors activities, such as the “beverage pal” (a magnetic cup holder), a folding fire pit, an LED lighting kit, truck bed racks, and some other accessories.… Read more

Auto Accessories: Mallory

Name: Mallory

Products: Snow brushes, winter car care products, squeegees

Manufactured In: Blenheim, Ontario

Where to Buy: Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Home Depot,  Lowe’s,  Rona, Home Hardware, Loblaws

Website: hopkinscanada.com

Canadian Owned: No

Formed in 1891, Mallory was acquired in 2013 by Hopkins Manufacturing, a US-based conglomerate.… Read more

Auto Accessories: Flo 🍁

Name: Flo

Products: Chargers for electric vehicles, monitoring service for the chargers

Manufactured In: Shawinigan, Quebec

Where to Buy: Company website

Website: flo.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes, most likely

Though ownership isn’t entirely clear, Flo is owned by Quebec company AddEnergie, and produces charging stations for electric vehicles for the residential, business and commercial markets.… Read more