Outdoors / Automotive Accessories: Twinpeaks Wilderness Co. 🍁

Name: Twinpeaks Wilderness Co.

Products: Camping accessories, truck bed racks

Manufactured In: Alberta

Where to buy: Online

Website: twinpeaks.co

Canadian Owned: Yes

Twinpeaks Wilderness produces several pieces of equipment for camping and outdoor activities, such as the “beverage pal” (a magnetic cup holder), a folding fire pit, an LED lighting kit, truck bed racks, and some other accessories. They are manufactured in Alberta, using materials sourced from North America.

Twinpeaks Wilderness recommends that when choosing your camping gear, you should consider the specific needs and requirements of your camping trip such as the climate, location, and how long you plan to stay. Investing in high-quality gear such as those manufactured by Twinpeaks Wilderness, will ensure that your gear lasts for multiple trips and has all the functionality you need.