Outdoor Gear: Red Canoe 🍁

Name: Red Canoe

Products: Outdoor gear, apparel, and accessories

Manufactured In: Canada

Website: redcanoebrands.com

Where to Buy: Online, or at two stores in Ontario

Canadian Owned: Yes

Red Canoe was founded in the spirit of aviation. Dax Wilkinson, Red Canoe’s founder, was already creating and developing products for other companies. He remained fascinated with aviation, and a flight on a bush plane sparked his creative imagination. As a result, he started Red Canoe: a product line inspired by Canadian aircraft and the ruggedness of the country from the air.

Today, Red Canoe stocks a great deal of branded and collaboration merchandise, most with a focus on national pride. Various collections emphasise different colours, forms, and products. Some include bags, patches, hats, jackets, and t-shirts. Most of their gear is made in Canada, as you might expect for a company with such a strong focus on heritage.

Collaborative efforts include cross-branding with Land Rover and other Canadian companies. Their design style focuses on rugged, durable pieces that look great and feel like they could withstand the Canadian wilds.