Footwear: Kamik 🍁

Name: Kamik

Products: Footwear

Manufactured In: Quebec and Ontario, Canada, New Hampshire, United States

Where to Buy: Direct from the company’s website and a range of online and brick-and-mortar retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Kamik has been in business since 1899, meaning it has been making Canadian boots for 125 years. The company started in Montreal and now has factories in several locations including Montreal, Quebec and in New Hampshire, United States. 70% of Kamik’s footwear is made in Canada and the US using both Canadian and imported materials.

The company is committed to sustainability and reducing waste by using and reusing as much as possible. Investing in recycling has allowed Kamik to create footwear that is 100% recyclable. They also thrive to have all their facilities to produce zero waste, a target that was first met by their factory in Ontario in 2017.