Liquor: Domaine Pinnacle 🍁

Name: Domaine Pinnacle

Products: A variety of liquors (listed below)

Manufactured In: Frelighsburg, Quebec

Where to Buy: LCBO, SAQ, most Canadian provinces


Canadian Owned: Yes

Domaine Pinnacle has won dozens of awards, including a Best of Show award at the World Spirits Competition for their Ungava Gin. Here’s everything they make:

  • Ice Cider: Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Sparkling Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Signature Réserve Spéciale Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Summit Selection Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Summit Selection Sparkling Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Reserve 1859, Coureur des Bois Maple Ice Cider, Reflet d’Hiver
  • Hard Cider: Domaine Pinnacle Verger Sud Still Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Verger Sud Sparkling Cider, Origine Still Cider, Origine Sparkling Cider
  • Cream Liqueur: Domaine Pinnacle Crème de Pommes, Coureur des Bois Maple Syrup Cream Liqueur, Cabot Trail Maple Syrup Cream Liqueur
  • Canadian Whisky: Coureur des Bois Canadian Whisky and Maple Syrup Liqueur, Cabot Trail Canadian Whisky and Maple Syrup Liqueur
  • Ice Cider Eau de Vie: Pomme Emprisonnée
  • Gin: Ungava Canadian Premium Gin
  • Rum: Chic Choc Spiced Rum
  • Vodka: Quartz Vodka
  • Whisky: Canadian Shield

Beer: Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co 🍁

Name: Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co

Products: Beer

Manufactured In: Vankleek Hill, Ontario

Where to Buy: LCBO, Beer Store, various bars


Canadian Owned: Yes

Employee owned and family run, this is a very Canadian brewery. They first opened their doors 11 years ago on July 1st!



Products: Loose leaf tea and tea accessories

Manufactured In: ?

Where to Buy: Across North America and online


Canadian Owned: Yes

In only 10 years DAVIDsTEA has grown to a chain of 240 stores across Canada and the US. It’s not clear where they source and process their teas, but they definitely employ many Canadians.

Beer: Creemore Springs

Name: Creemore Springs

Products: Beer

Manufactured In: Creemore, Ontario

Where to Buy: Beer retailers across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

Creemore Springs has been part of the Molson family (and by extension Molson Coors) since 2005. Due to their size and ownership by a multinational giant brewer, they are no longer considered a craft beer, but certainly have their fans and have stood the test of time, having been founded in 1987.


Tea: Delice Boreal (Northern Delights) 🍁

Name: Delice Boreal (Northern Delights)

Products: Herbal teas made by Inuit peoples in Northern Quebec

Manufactured In: Northern Quebec (Nunavik region)

Where to Buy: fine food stores and on-line


Canadian Owned: Yes

Delice Boreal produces a variety of unique tea flavours from plants found in the boreal region, such as cloudberries and crowberries.

Tea: Pluck 🍁

Name: Pluck

Products: Tea

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website, or at Indigo, Rowe Farms, and the AGO,  to name a few retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 2012 by tea sommelier (that’s a thing?) Jennifer Commins, Pluck sources the best tea leaves from Ethical Tea Partnership growers, then adds unique regional ingredients to create one-of-a-kind tea experiences. Pluck was the recipient of a silver medal at the 2017 Global Tea Championship for their Verbena Blues tea.

Liquor: Junction 56 Distillery 🍁

Name: Junction 56 Distillery

Products: Vodka, whisky, gin

Manufactured In: Stratford, Ontario

Where to buy: LCBO and distillery store


Canadian Owned: Yes

Created in 2015, Junction 56 Distillery provides something to drink before/after hitting up the Shakespeare festival, with their creative liquors made from locally-sourced ingredients.

Beverages: Minute Maid

Name: Minute Maid

Products: Frozen juice

Manufactured In: Peterborough, Ontario

Where to buy: Grocery stores


Canadian Owned: No

Minute Maid, a division of American beverages giant Coca-Cola, produces all the frozen Minute Maid juice for the world market in Peterborough. Recently, it was announced that an $85 million expansion to the plant would occur to expand production to include a new line of dairy products.

Wine: Quai du Vin Estate Winery 🍁

Name: Quai du Vin Estate Winery

Products: White, red, and specialty wines, wine jellies, sparkling cocktails, wine and fruit juice combos

Manufactured In: Sparta, Ontario

Where to Buy: In Store and online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Quai du Vin makes an assortment of white, red and fruit wines on the north shore of Lake Erie. They can be shipped across the country.

Liquor: Black Fly Beverage Company 🍁

Name: Black Fly Beverage Company Inc

Products: Canadian craft produced vodka, tequila and rum mixed drinks

Manufactured In: London, Ontario

Where to Buy: Across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

Black Fly Beverage Company, Ontario’s first micro-distillery, was founded in 2005 by husband & wife Rob Kelly and Cathy Siskind-Kelly after being awarded the first distillery license granted in Ontario in over 100 years. Their goal is to create premium drinks that are less sweet than the competition.