Accessories/Jackets: m0851 🍁

Name: m0851

Products: Leather goods, bags, accessories, outerwear, wallets

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: stores13 m0851 , select retailers, online


Canadian Owned: Yes

m0851 combines sleek and functional aesthetics with high-end raw materials to appeal to discerning consumers around the world.… Read more

Jackets: Wuxly Movement 🍁

Name: Wuxly Movement

Products: Jackets, vests and hats

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Online or select stockists


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded by former Toronto Argonaut James Yurichuk, Wuxly Movement (formerly Wully Outerwear) is an ethical lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures premium vegan outerwear in Canada.… Read more

Jackets: CMFR 🍁

Name: CMFR

Products: Cold jackets, parkas, clothing and hats

Manufactured In: Canada

Where to Buy: Company website and online


Canadian Owned: Yes

It’s unclear whether CMFR exists anymore – their website is now basically just some pictures and contact information.… Read more