Honey: BeeMaid 🍁

Name: BeeMaid

Products: Liquid and creamed varieties of honey

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Grocery stores mainly in Western Canada

Website: beemaid.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

BeeMaid is owned by Canadian beekeepers, and has been producing honey since 1954. They source their products from beekeepers in Western Canada, from Manitoba through BC.

Honey: Clovermead 🍁

Name: Clovermead Honey Shop

Products: Honey

Manufactured In: Aylmer, Ontario

Where to buy: Online

Website: clovermead.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Clovermead operates a seasonal adventure farm and a small apiary with approximately 24 million bees (24 million bees counts as small?) You can buy their honey online year-round from their online store.

Food, Alcohol, & Personal Care: Chinook Honey Company 🍁

Name: Chinook Honey Company

Products: Honey, personal care products, jelly, mead

Manufactured In: Okotoks, Alberta

Where to buy: Online, their store in Okotoks, various other locations

Website: www.chinookhoney.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Chinook Honey Company is an Alberta based honey farm and meadery. They don’t have many locations available for their honey, so it is best to order that online, but they have plenty available for their mead.

Honey: Honey Bunny 🍁

Name: Honey Bunny

Products: Barbecue sauce, lip balm, creamed honey, raw honey

Manufactured In: Peace River, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers

Website: honeybunny.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Honey Bunny has apiaries in Alberta and BC, producing organic honey and making them the largest producer of organic honey in Canada. They export a significant amount of their production due to its quality and reputation.

Personal Care & Honey: Hives For Humanity 🍁

Name: Hives For Humanity

Products: Honey, candles and lip balm

Manufactured In: Vancouver

Where to buy:  Variety of brick and mortar and online

Website: http://hivesforhumanity.com/

Canadian Owned: yes

Hives for Humanity offers honey that is raw and  unpasteurized and has been harvested in the lower mainland. All proceeds support innovative programming that builds inclusive community through the culture of the (bee)hive. Hives for Humanity is a non-profit organization that encourages community connections through beekeeping and works to create flexible opportunities for people to engage in the therapeutic culture that surrounds the hive.

Personal Care & Honey: Toronto Honeys 🍁

Name: Toronto Honeys

Products: Honey, Lip balm

Manufactured In: Toronto, ON

Where to buy: Bloordale, Fort York, Karma Co-op Food Store

Website: www.torontohoneys.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Toronto Honey’s is a small honey and lip balm producer with a focus on being organic and environmentally friendly. They have hives at Fort York and Islington United Church. If you’re looking for honey in the GTA and want to keep it local, check these guys out.