Laundry: ULAT Dryer Balls 🍁

Name: ULAT Dryer Balls

Products: Wool dryer balls

Manufactured In: Parksville and Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Online and retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Everything in the ULAT dryer ball is made in Canada, right down to the packaging. In case you weren’t aware, dryer balls are a great alternative to fabric softener sheets. They eliminate static cling, reduce drying time (saving energy and money) and help remove wrinkles from clothes. You can scent them with essential oils if you want some scent in your dry clothes.

Home Reno/Builders: Garaga 🍁

Name: Garaga

Products: Garage doors

Manufactured In: St-Georges, Quebec and Barrie, Ontario

Where to Buy: Authorized dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Celebrating its 25th year in 2018, Garaga has sold more than 1.7 million garage doors across North America, and employs 260 people. They have a variety of styles, finishes and colours.

Cleaning: Lavo 🍁

Name: Lavo Inc.

Products: Detergents, fabric softeners, dishwasher tabs, cleaning products

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: Various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Lavo Inc. is a Montreal based manufacturer of cleaning products. They hold several brands across Quebec and the rest of Canada, as well as producing non branded and industrial products. Their brands include:

  • La Parisienne
  • Hertel
  • Arctic Power
  • Old Dutch  (not the chips!)
  • Springtime
  • ABC


Home Products: St Genève 🍁

Name: St Genève

Products: Luxury bed linens, sleepwear, pillows, blankets, duvets

Manufactured In: Richmond, BC (majority)

Where to Buy: Stores and online


Canadian Owned: Yes

St Genève sources luxury fabrics from around the world to make high-quality bed linens and a variety of other quality products for your home.

They are clear on their website as to the source of the fabrics, and also when items are manufactured elsewhere – for example, their Abyss line of robes is made in Portugal, while some pillows are made in Lithuania.

Home Products: Comfort Foam 🍁

Name: Comfort Foam

Products: Commercial grade foam products – foam mattresses, pillows, replacement sofa/chair cushions, custom cut foam

Manufactured In: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online, with shipping across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Celebrating 25 years, Comfort Foam is owned by Emily Calkin, a native of Halifax, NS.  Comfort Foam is the place to go for commercial grade foam and foam related products, selling quality foam for mattresses, sofa cushion replacements, window seats, pet beds, custom wedges, just to name a few.  Their Dartmouth warehouse has an abundance of foam in different firmnesses and sizes allowing quick delivery. They sell standard sizes as well as custom cuts – no job is too big or too small.

Flooring: Northern Wide Plank Flooring 🍁

Name: Northern Wide Plank Flooring Inc.

Products: Wood flooring

Manufactured In: Schomberg, Ontario

Where to Buy: Locations in Toronto, Schomberg, Ottawa (appt only), direct sales anywhere in Canada with their company reps, select dealers in BC and Quebec


Canadian Owned: Yes

Northern Wide Plan is an exclusive manufacturer of wood floors, wall cladding and complementary components for high-end residential and commercial projects. Nothern Wide Plank manufactures their Iconic, Artifax, and Panoramic Collections exclusively in Canada. Their other lines are generally made in Europe but certain treatments and finishings are Canadian.

Home Products: Seabreeze 🍁

Name: Seabreeze

Products: Fans and heaters

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Home Hardware and other dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Seabreeze was once a manufacturer of audio equipment back in the 1960’s, when consumer electronic manufacturing still existed in North America. Since then, they’ve become specialists at making fans, including perhaps their most famous product, the Turbo-Aire.

Home Reno/Builders: Fenstür Windows and Doors 🍁

Name: Fenstür Windows and Doors

Products: Windows and doors

Manufactured In: Duncan, British Columbia

Where to Buy: Contact the company


Canadian Owned: Yes

Fenstür manufactures custom wood and wood-aluminum clad doors and windows, as well as offering custom mill work and finishing services. They are the first – and only! – wood Passive House window and door manufacturer in Canada as of Spring 2018.

All windows and doors are made in Duncan, BC, with preferentially sourced local products. All stages of production occur in their facility, to ensure quality control and to permit maximum customization.

Home Products: Sparta Country Candles 🍁

Name: Sparta Country Candles

Products: Candles and wax melts

Manufactured In: Sparta, Ontario

Where to Buy: Store in Sparta and company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Sparta Country Candles is a family-owned business that started in 1995, and has grown from making 18 candles a night in the family kitchen to producing hundreds of candles per day. As they sell their candles only to customers, and not to other stores, they have eliminated the middleman and claim that their candles are high quality at a fraction of the price.

Home Products: Koolatron 🍁

Name: Koolatron

Products: 12 volt portable coolers, Koolscapes rain barrels, Pants Saver car mats, wine coolers

Manufactured In: Brantford, Ontario

Where to Buy:,,,,


Canadian Owned: Yes

Koolatron has been making Koolatron 12 volt portable thermomelectric coolers for over 30 years in Canada and has expanded their made in Canada product lines to also include Koolscapes rain barrels, Pants Saver custom fit car mats and Koolatron wine coolers.