Fitness: Northern Lights 🍁

Name: Northern Lights

Products: Strength training, Cardio and  Fitness Equipment

Manufactured In: Cornwall, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and in stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

According to their website, Northern Lights is the top-selling fitness equipment brand in North America, and they manufacture all of it in Canada, using North American steel (which probably means steel from the USA). Presumably that might change, what with all these tariffs lately.

Sports Equipment: Gorila Fitness 🍁

Name: Gorila Fitness

Products: Weightlifting, strength conditioning equipment and related products

Manufactured in: Chambly, QC (clothing & accessories appear to not be Canadian-made)

Where to buy: Company website


Canadian owned: Not sure – looks like it

From our perch on the couch, this looks like some serious equipment for the serious workout afficionado – they are targeting functional fitness, weightlifting and strongman enthusiasts. That sounds exhausting. Free shipping for $5K or more.

Health & Fitness: GoodLife Fitness 🍁

Name: GoodLife Fitness

Products: Fitness clubs

Headquarters: London, Ontario


Canadian owned: Yes

GoodLife Fitness is not only the largest chain of fitness clubs in Canada with more than 350 locations, it is also the only Canadian-owned major chain in Canada and allegedly the largest chain of fitness clubs in the world owned by a single person. It’s hard to walk around outside for any length of time and not see someone toting around one of their ubiquitous red gym bags. They’re also the only clubs in Canada where you can attend the famous Les Mills fitness classes (shout out to our friends in New Zealand!)