Automotive Accessories: BlackboxMyCar 🍁

Name: BlackboxMyCar

Product: Dashcams, radar detectors, OBD scanners, and other accessories

Manufactured in: International, North America

Where to Buy: Online and at the physical location in Richmond, British Columbia


Canadian Owned: Yes

BlackboxMyCar is an automotive accessory company that focuses on dashboard surveillance equipment and monitoring. In 2012, Alex Jang founded the company after his family was in a car accident they weren’t at fault for. Since there was no footage of the event, it took years to clear his family’s name. As a result, he began looking into dash cams.

Now, the company is one of the largest suppliers of dash cams in North America, including the US and Canada. The physical location in Richmond, British Columbia (where the company got its start) also installs cams and other hardware. As a result, families can avoid the legal burden of proving innocence in traffic accidents.

BlackboxMyCar now offers other tools, including Radar Detectors and OBD Scanners. OBD scanners can help you determine what’s wrong with your car via engine codes, while radar detectors help you keep track of officers using radar.