Bicycles: Wike 🍁

Name: Wike

Products: Bike trailers and strollers

Manufactured In: Guelph, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Wike has a wide variety of bike trailers, but perhaps their coolest product is the Salamander, which converts from a bike to a stroller. All information we can find suggests their products are all made in Guelph except for the wheels, which are imported from Taiwan.

This company finds itself in a tough fight with low-cost imports from the usual suspect countries, so you might pay a bit more for their products, but look at their innovation – it is well worth it.

Wike appeared unsuccessfully on Dragon’s Den, as the Dragons couldn’t quite understand the business model. If you’ve got a need for a product Wike makes, support them and help make the Dragons believers in Made in Canada.