Cosmetics: Pure Anada 🍁

Name: Pure Anada

Products: Cosmetics, personal care

Manufactured In: Morden, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Pure Ananda was founded by Candace Grenier who was a hairstylist before she founded her own company. Over the years of working in a hair salon, Candace developed sensitivities to some of the products and chemicals used in the salon every day.

She began to research some of the ingredients used in the products she was using as a hairstylist and was surprised to learn that many ingredients had not been tested for long-term safety. This was in 2003 and as a mother of two children, Candace decided it was time to switch to a more holistic lifestyle. Part of this process was to make her own makeup.

Since then, Candace has never looked back and Pure Anada has grown into a company providing a wide range of personal care and makeup products.