Furniture: Woodworks 🍁

Name: Woodworks

Products: Furniture including tables, chairs, office furniture, and dining cabinets

Manufactured In: Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Where to Buy: No longer available


Canadian Owned: Yes


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Clothing: Egli’s Sheep Farm 🍁

Name: Egli’s Sheep Farm

Products: Slippers, socks, shirts, jackets, sweaters, wool, blankets, hats, and sheepskin

Manufactured In: Minnitaki, Ontario

Where to buy: Online and in-store in Minnitaki. See here for …

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Clothing: Hemp & Co. 🍁

Name: Hemp & Co.

Products: Clothing for men and women

Manufactured In: Vancouver, British Columbia

Where to buy: Online or in-store from Raven’s Nest in New Denver, British Columbia


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