Personal Care/Kitchen: Fruits & Passion

Name: Fruits & Passion

Products: Body care & home care products

Manufactured In: Quebec (?)

Where to Buy: Online and stores mainly located in Eastern Canada (some under THEFACESHOP banner)


Canadian Owned: No

Fruits & Passion was founded in 1992 in Quebec, Canada, and has been reinventing the world of body care and home care products since then. The products, which include fragrant products for your body and your home, are enriched with natural ingredients and developed with respect for the environment. None of the products are tested on animals.

Today, Fruits & Passion is no longer under Canadian ownership. It was first acquired by SC Johnson, an American company in 2008, and then sold to a South Korean company THEFACESHOP. Despite this, many of the products are still made in Canada, but since not all are, check the label for details.