Supplements: Hol Food 🍁

Name: Hol Food

Products: Meal replacement

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to buy: Amazon, Hol Food’s website


Canadian Owned: Yes

The story of Hol Food began when co.founder James Juras who was a student at the University of Toronto at the time wrote a thesis about nutrition. In his thesis, James argued that if the body got all the nutrients it needed, it would perform better on a daily basis.

To test his theory, James developed his first version of Hol Food supplement and lived on it for several months. After his experiment he discovered that he not only felt better and had more energy, he had also lost over 20 pounds.

Although James did not initially intend to sell Hol Food products, he decided to start selling it in small batches in 2015. Today, Hol Food products are available to order from the company’s website and from Amazon.