Condiments: Newfoundland Salt Company 🍁

Name: Newfoundland Salt Company

Products: Sea salt

Manufactured In: Bonavista, Newfoundland

Where to Buy: Online as well as stockists and restaurants


Canadian Owned: Yes

Newfoundland Salt Company, founded in 2012, is all about making sea salt of outstanding quality, purity, and flavour. Listed as a “Hot Ingredient” by House and Home ingredient in 2018, Newfoundland Salt Company’s salt is available for home use as well as at some outstanding restaurants, like St. John’s Mallard Cottage.

The founders of Newfoundland Salt Company, Peter and Robin, are both from Newfoundland but spent most of their 20s and 30s living elsewhere. When they both returned home, they began making sea salt with Peter perfecting his method of salt making whilst working as a chef, while Robin worked on the company’s branding. In 2017, they both left their jobs to make their salt fill time.