Condiments: The Hot Sauce Co. 🍁

Name: The Hot Sauce Co.

Products: Hot sauces

Manufactured In: London, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online, various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Hot Sauce Co. was founded by Jesse Long who says he is inspired by men such as Hunter S. Thompson and Anthony Bourdain. Men who have shown that we should all be reaching for something that speaks true to us.

The company is based in London, Ontario, which is also where Jesse makes his hot sauces in small batches. During the in-season, he sources his peppers locally, and during the off-season, he gets them from Cuba. All Hot Sauce Co. hot sauces are made with natural ingredients.

Hot sauces by the Hot Sauce Co. can be ordered directly from the company’s website or you can search for a retailer here.