Kitchen: bioBob Sponges 🍁

Name: BioBob

Products: Bio-degradable, warrantied sponges

Manufactured in: North Lancaster, Ontario

Where to buy: Online and across the country at various retailers


Canadian owned: Yes

I wouldn’t have thought this was a thing – but there are sponges that are bio-degradable, can be torn into Hydrafill, are bio-reusable by aerating soil while the sponges bio-degrade, and come with a one year warranty. And since 1963, they’ve been coming from North Lancaster, Ontario, from bioBob. We’ve categorized them as kitchen products, but they also have sponges for the bath, washing your car, and more.

Note: They freely admit 95% of their raw materials come from the USA.

Kitchen: Abeego food wraps 🍁

Name: Abeego

Products: Beeswax food wraps

Manufactured in: Victoria, BC

Where to buy: Online and in “green” stores across the country


Canadian owned: Yes

Ten years ago, founder Toni Desrosiers invented the very first beeswax wrap as a replacement for the traditional plastic wrap. She wanted to decrease not only plastic waste, but food waste, as the beeswax wraps are breathable and are said to extend the life of food longer than plastic wrap. You may recognize this company/product from Dragon’s Den.

Knives: Grohmann Knives 🍁

Name: Grohmann Knives

Products: Outdoor knives, kitchen knives, accessories

Manufactured In: Pictou, NS

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Grohmann Knives is a company producing high-quality knives. All of their products are manufactured in Canada, at their factory in Pictou. They are fairly well-known and have won over 25 international honours, such as a display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Tools: Chef Felton 🍁

Name: Chef Felton

Products: Cookware brushes (Grills, broilers, barbecues, etc.)

Manufactured In: Hamilton, ON

Where to buy: Online, Home Hardware, Capital Iron, BBQ World


Canadian Owned: Yes

Chef Felton is a 100% Canadian owned and operated manufacturer of grill brushes. Their product uses quality, longer, thicker wire to prevent breakage and Canadian hardwood for handles. All of their products are produced in Hamilton.

Cookware: Paderno 🍁

Name: Paderno

Products: Pots, pans, cookware, bakeware

Manufactured in: Charlottetown, PEI

Where to buy: Canadian Tire


Canadian owned: Yes (recently purchased by Canadian Tire)

Since 1979, Paderno has been producing quality, Canadian-made cookware on Prince Edward Island. The Paderno brand was recently purchased by Canadian Tire, so it appears you can only buy their products through CT. Be aware that they do have product lines that are not made in Canada, so keep a close eye on what you’re purchasing. The manufacturing operations in PEI are owned by Meyer, a Hong Kong-based company, who continue to manufacture the Paderno brand.