Kitchen: Bow Valley Straws 🍁

Name: Bow Valley Straws

Products: Reusable borosilicate glass drinking straws & handmade upcycled straw cases

Manufactured In: Canmore, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and some shops in western Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Bow Valley Straws is a company making glass straws. The founder of the company first started to make them for fun in the summer of 2018 as an alternative to plastic straws.

However, she soon realised there was space on the market for glass straws and began to melt glass live during weekends and travel around Alberta to markets and events where she would do glassblowing demos.

All Bow Valley straws are handmade in Alberta using a type of glass called borosilicate commonly used in laboratory and bakeware because it can withstand high temperatures and thermal shock. The straws are dishwasher safe and great for hot and cold drinks as they do not conduct heat.