Cookware: Paderno 🍁

Name: Paderno

Products: Pots, pans, cookware, bakeware

Manufactured in: Charlottetown, PEI

Where to buy: Canadian Tire


Canadian owned: Yes (owned by Canadian Tire)

Paderno is a Canadian company owned by Canadian Tire. It first opened its plant on Prince Edward Island in 1979 and that is where most of the company’s production is still based.

Since the beginning, Paderno has been committed to producing high-quality kitchenware made with exceptional craftsmanship. Paderno is constantly evolving and imrpving t its prodcuts line to keep up woth new technologies and cooking trends. One of the most recent changes includes adding a magnetic stainless steel layer to the bottom of all of pots and pans.

Note that not all Paderno pots and pans are made in Canada, so always check the prodcut details for the country of origin.