Cookware: Paderno 🍁

Name: Paderno

Products: Pots, pans, cookware, bakeware

Manufactured in: Charlottetown, PEI

Where to buy: Canadian Tire


Canadian owned: Yes (recently purchased by Canadian Tire)

Since 1979, Paderno Canada has been producing quality, Canadian-made cookware on Prince Edward Island. The Paderno brand was purchased by Canadian Tire, so it appears you can only buy their products through CT. Be aware that they do have product lines that are not made in Canada, so keep a close eye on what you’re purchasing. The manufacturing operations in PEI are owned by Meyer, a Hong Kong-based company, who continue to manufacture the Paderno brand, as well as their own lines of made in Canada products:

Note that you can do a search of the Paderno site for the Made in Canada tag which will help narrow down what is made here.

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