Online Stores: StackTV 🍁

Name: StackTV

Products: Independent films

Headquartered In: Canada

Where to Buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

StackTV is a Canadian streaming service with 16 channels. It is owned by Corus, which is a Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto. Corus was founded in 1987 as Shaw Radio by JR Shaw.

Corus’s portfolio of TV services encompasses 33 specialty TV channels and 15 conventional channels. In addition to TV, Corus owns 39 radio stations that represent some of the most listened-to stations in Canada. Stations range from talk and news stations to rock, country, and contemporary music.

Corus also creates world-class content for TV that is sold in more than 160 countries. It is an industry leader in Canada and a key player in the international marketplace.