Furniture: MotionGrey 🍁

Name: MotionGrey

Products: Standing desks, office chairs, and other ergonomic office furniture

Manufactured In: Germany (motors)

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

MotionGrey is an office furniture company based in Vancouver. They seek to provide ergonomic, comfortable, and healthy alternatives to standard desks and desk chairs. Sedentary workspaces and lifestyles can lead to a host of problems, so they hope to provide relief with their ergonomic chairs and motorized standing desks.

Their collection of simple desks uses German Bosch motors for an easy transition from a sitting position to a standing one. You can move from one position to another, which is especially helpful when you’re spending long hours at your desk. They also make chairs, from executive ergonomic chairs to gaming-style seats. Each is fully adjustable and designed to help you sit more comfortably.

In addition to these furniture pieces, they also offer accessories to help make your space more comfortable, including a foot massage mat for long periods using the standard desk, rolling filing cabinets, monitor arms, and more. Their production line is always changing and evolving. They also have a strong charitable focus on worldwide aid.