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Alan Wehbe

UTG Digital Media is an international, award-winning digital signage company and a leader in digital signage solutions for all types of industries. We are based in Ottawa, Ontario. We provide a versatile range of innovative indoor and outdoor digital products, from LCD screens to touch screens to LED signs of all shapes and sizes. Our advanced, user-friendly online content management software allows for remote control of all screen content from anywhere in the world.

At UTG, we provide a one-stop shop for all digital signage needs. UTG’s goal is to make digital signage easy, professional, and effective no matter what industry the business or organization is in. We custom-build our digital signage products to best engage customers, employees, students, or visitors to help them make an impact and get the message out effectively and in real-time.

UTG is an ideal solution for signage companies that want to offer digital signage to their customers as a reseller. Our resellers and partners receive quality durable products and discounts. We also provide them with the tools to easily manage countless customers.

Tell us about yourself?

My background is in multimedia design. I founded UTG at a very young age and became an accomplished executive with national and international experience in digital engineering, operations, graphic design, P&L oversight, and product development and distribution.

I have worked hard to become what I am today, an innovative, solutions-oriented entrepreneur with a proven track record of advanced digital technology and strategic positioning in the digital signage industry. I have successfully grown sales and increased profits while initiating key operational improvements to increase productivity and reduce costs. I won the 40under40 award among many other awards and nominations.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

To take risks but to think more wisely, to be well informed, and for risks to be thought out.

What problem does your business solve?

UTG Digital Media provides digital signage solutions that solve the print and static signage issues: print costs, resources, time and engagement since consumers no longer respond to print ads and the cost of client acquisition is becoming more expensive.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

I was always into design and signage and worked in print and static signage. I realized then the amount of money being spent on print and the time required to change posters was considerable, and I decided to do digital signage which was then, and also still is today, regular TVs with extra media players, USBs, extra wiring, laptops etc. to manage content. I decided to develop my own line of displays: all-in-one digital displays that are not regular TVs and do not require any extra wires or equipment. I remember putting together my first all-in-one screen in my basement that became a very popular and high-demand brand installed worldwide in governments, municipalities, high-chain restaurants, hotels, education, health, transportation, and more. We also help the environment go green.

What is your magic sauce?

Unlike the competition, we custom make our digital signage based on our clients’ needs, budgets and requirements. We are not a third-party supplier. We have a unique all-in-one system that answers to all customers’ needs. We are experts in the field of LCD and LED signage.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

To keep growing the business and expand worldwide, and to put Ottawa’s name on the map again as we already did when we delivered on the first and most unique project LED Stairs in Las Vegas at the ARIA Resort & Casino in their JEWELL Nightclub. No company in the world was able to deliver on such a project, and we won an International Digital Signage award. The news was how can a company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada land on such a huge project in Las Vegas? The answer was because we are experts in the field and we deliver on our promise of advanced, unique, reliable, and durable digital signage solutions.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The Chinese market is a big issue as it offers low prices for low quality products. Also, resources have been a huge issue especially after Covid-19. We deal with the competition by offering our best service, best products, and competitive pricing.

How can people get involved?

We want to work more with sign companies.